Summertime Heat Advisory: Just a quick reminder: Since some of our products are wax or body butters, they may not arrive in pristine visual condition if you live in a very hot area. However, it will still smell amazing and will be fabulous. We package our products in polypropylene/bakery bag(s)/plastic jars/metal tins.  Your product may arrive a little more chunky-looking than usual. This is normal for the hot months, so no worries! We pack up our goodies very well.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time, as of 02/14/2018, Unless listed otherwise, all of the goodies shown in our shop are Ready to Ship (yay!). All Ready-to -Ship packages take 2 - 3 weeks to ship out from the date of your purchase.

Pre-Sale Items/Custom Orders will be clearly marked and will add 5-6 weeks to your order. You'll know if you purchase a Pre-Sale Item or Custom Order as it is always in the title of the item.

You are welcome to ship Pre-Sale/Custom Order items separately in order to get your other items more quickly. Simply place the order for your Pre-Sale items separately, and then email us at retrosoapstudio@gmail.com (or message/PM Jennifer on Facebook) in order to let us know that you'd like to ship your Pre-Sale items separately. 

Shipping times vary depending on your location, but most USPS orders take 2-4 business days (sometimes less!). You will receive an email with your tracking information as soon as your order has been shipped out.

Note: Turn around time typically changes for Pre-Orders. If you are purchasing a Pre-Order Wax Loaf or Custom Soap Loaf or any other items before they've been made, please read the information written about that item on the page in order to see how long it will take to create and ship out.